Sour Cherry and Saskatoon Berry Pastry Filling

Sour Cherry and Saskatoon Berry Pastry Filling

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We have Sour Cherry pastry filling. We have Saskatoon Berry pastry filling. Then one day they both fell into the same vat and we thought, wait this is ok! We can have a combined sour cherry and saskatoon berry pastry filling. The first of its kind. Well that is not exactly how it went but sounds good though right? The Sour Cherry and Saskatoon Berry Pastry filling can be used in pies, filo pastries, pastries of any kind really, big tarts, mini tarts and really, any dessert you can think of!

We make every effort to remove all the pits from our sour cherries using an industrial pitting machine but our products may contain sour cherry pits. Please be careful!


"I received my first order delivered to my door with a smile. I thank you for the good timing and opportunity to try something new. My pie turned our so well."

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