About Us

We are located in Blaine Lake, Saskatchewan. We love sour cherries, Saskatoon berries and other berries that are grown in Saskatchewan. We love Saskatoon berries. We have been cooking and baking with berries for so long we decided we needed more people to use these berries in their cooking. Especially the special sour cherry. We use the Dwarf Sour Cherry, the Carmine Jewel. This tart sour cherry was released by the University of Saskatchewan to be grown on the Prairies. It is such a delicious sour cherry.

One thing we are proud of is that we use a TON of fruit in our products. We don't skimp here. We promise! We want you to get the full flavour so the mountain of fruit will do that. 

AND we use a lower sugar content to make sure that the flavours of the fruit can stand out. That is why we call our "jam like" spread, spread. That is why we call our "pie filling" pastry filling. It is all about the fruit.

We produce our product in the Food Centre in Saskatoon so rest assured you are getting quality products all the time. Being made there, which is a federally certified facility, we are also allowed to sell our products across the country safely!

You can find our products in select Safeways and Sobeys across Saskatchewan and a ton of independent stores across Saskatchewan and Alberta. If you don't see us your favourite stores, let the manager know you want some sold there. Once you have tried our products you will definitely asking your local grocer to carry them!

We have an increasingly growing online presence and are loving this avenue of reaching new customers. We are safely packaging our products so they arrive safely to you using Canada Post!

One little tip for shipping, if you add a few products to your cart instead of just one or two, you will end up paying almost the same price for shipping. So make sure to add a few products to your cart before payment! The reason is that Canada Post has some minimums for shipping across Canada. So once you keep adding products to your cart, the shipping price only increases slightly. Our products are produced in glass jars so they are heavy.

You will love our sour cherry products and we have so much more coming in the future.


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