Q. Do you ship your products?

A. Yes we do! We are now shipping all across Canada using Canada Post. Their rates are great!  We only offer free delivery in Saskatoon. One little tip for shipping, if you add a few products to your cart instead of just one or two, you will end up paying almost the same price for shipping. So make sure to add a few products to your cart before payment! The reason is that Canada Post has some minimums for shipping across Canada. So once you keep adding products to your cart, the shipping price only increases slightly. Our products are produced in glass jars so they are heavy. We pack them safely and Canada Post has been great with keeping them safe. We have only had a couple jars break in a few years! And of course, we replaced them for our customers.


Q. Do you really offer free delivery in Saskatoon?

A. UPDATE effective in the Spring of 2022 we will be requiring minimum orders for free delivery in Saskatoon.  At times we will offer free delivery without a minimum purchase.

You can see on our Facebook post comments that we deliver for free in Saskatoon (and area) and are pretty quick too! People have been appreciating the great service. And we appreciate you! We will deliver to Martensville and Warman but we don't deliver there every day. So it may take a few days to get out there.


Q. When you deliver in Saskatoon will you just drop the product off if no one is home?

A. We would much rather deliver your product when someone is home! However, if we arrange to leave it at your door we will if that is what you want! Well, accept for during the cold weather! We don't want the product to freeze! Or during really hot weather. That would not be a good idea either!


Q. What methods of payment do you accept?

A. We use PayPal and Shopify Payments. But you don't have to have an account to pay with PayPal. You can just use your credit card. If you don't like paying online we can arrange to have you send us an e-transfer or you can pay cash at the door when we deliver your product!


Q. Are your products gluten free?

A. We are happy to report, yes, they ARE!!


Q. Do you use a lot of sugar?

A. We are happy to report, no!! We don't use a lot of sugar. We want the fruit flavours to really stand out and they sure do!


Q.  For local delivery do you offer any packaging?

A. We do not offer any packaging or bags or boxes for local delivery. We feel that our jars are good looking enough they don’t need it! LOL But seriously, in order to keep costs down and to save the environment we don’t offer any packaging. So if this is a surprise gift please consider that.

Q.  How do we get free delivery when using the website?

A. You MUST go through the checkout process and not use the quick pay buttons at the begging. Once you go through the checkout process, you will be asked to enter your address. Enter a valid Saskatoon address and free delivery will be an option for you on the next page. If it is not, it usually associated with the address you entered. When entering your address, please use the suggested address that shows up even if the postal code is wrong. (we don't need the postal code for free delivery anyways). Doing this will ensure that free delivery shows up on the next page. If you correct the postal code this will trigger the free delivery to not show up. This happens frequently if you live in the Stonebridge area as at one point Stonebridge had different postal codes and Google (who the site uses to verify addresses) seems to want to use the old addresses. So sorry about this but we cannot do much about it!