Bundle of 3 Sour Cherry Toppings

Bundle of 3 Sour Cherry Toppings

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This delicious Saskatchewan made sour cherry topping is perfect for pouring on ice cream, cheese cake, cake, pancakes, waffles, Dutch pancakes, meringue, oatmeal, yogurt and any dessert you want to add some tangy flavour too. Our topping is loaded with whole pitted sour cherries so the flavours just jump right out at you!

What would you pour your sour cherry topping on?

Order this bundle of 3 and save 20%.

Made in Saskatoon with sour cherries grown in Saskatchewan.

We have lower sugar content than what you might find elsewhere. This is why we have to call our spread, spread and not jam and our filling pastry filing not pie filling.

Produced in a Federally certified facility so can be shipped and consumed all across Canada. 

We make every effort to remove all the pits from our sour cherries using an industrial pitting machine but our products may contain sour cherry pits. Please be careful!